Autumn 2022 Update

Project status and other stuff

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky
  1. I’ve merged into this blog. The URLS and will both send you here.

  2. The only sports analytics I’m currently doing is women’s basketball. I deleted all the old posts associated with sports analytics, but there will be some WNBA season wrapup posts coming, and if I can get the data easily, some NCAA women’s basketball posts.

  3. My main near-term focus is on computer music, both analog and digital synthesis and algorithmic compositions. I have two main projects there:


    I am starting a third project called CLAMS (Command Line Algorithmic Music System). There’s not much of a plan yet but I can give a few highlights:

    • CLAMS will be an interactive interpretive system based on Forth.

    • CLAMS will target Arm Cortex M micro-controllers. The goal is to run on the Electro-Smith Daisy, the Teensy 4.1 and the Raspberry Pi Pico. The initial implementation will be for the Raspberry Pi Pico, which is the least powerful of the three boards.

    • CLAMS will be open source. I haven’t picked a license yet but I’m learning towards GPL 3 because I may be using ideas from other GPL Forth implementations in source form. There’s an empty repo at

    • CLAMS will most likely be a VSCode project. VSCode supports Forth, all of the micro-controller SDKs I’m going to need, and the documentation toolset I’m going to use (Quarto).


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