AlgoCompSynth-One Release 1.0.0 Coming Soon


Project status updates

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

General status updates

  1. I have frozen development on my other Jetson project, There was simply not a high enough payoff / effort ratio to continue tracking RStudio Server open source updates. That freed up time for me to work on this project, which uses R from conda-forge and uses JupyterLab as a web interface. JupyterLab is nowhere near as useful for R development as RStudio Server, but it does work and is the default interface for the NVIDIA L4T machine learning container.

  2. I am participating in the Neural Audio Synthesis Hackathon. While I probably won’t be using a Jetson for that work, I am setting up to port any applicable code to the Jetsons after the hackathon is over.

    I have already ported one package (my fork is here). For that port, I developed the capability to build Jetson PyTorch wheels using a Docker builder image. That image is part of this project and will be documented in the 1.0.0 release after a bit of refactoring. It takes about four hours to build a PyTorch wheel on my Jetson AGX-Xavier so I probably won’t be taking requests for builds.

What’s in the 1.0.0 Release?

As noted above, there is now a PyTorch custom wheel builder for Jetsons. For dependency reasons, I needed a newer Python than 3.6 for the Neural Waveshaping Synthesis port and built a custom wheel for PyTorch 1.7.1 on Python 3.9. For my own convenience the image is pushed to Docker Hub and the wheel is also stored as a Git LFS object, but I don’t know if that will always be the case; it depends on what if any plans the upstream project has for Jetson support.

The main image now contains:

AlgoCompSynth-One on GitHub



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